Podcasting, It’s Something to do….I Guess!

Basic Podcast Setup

Basic Podcast Setup

Ok, so Today it’s still cold here in Western Missouri.  No real reason to go outside, so I started digging through some boxes sure to hold some forgotten treasures.  Sure enough I found my headphones from when I worked at KMZU Radio. Nice!  A little further down the pile I found a microphone purchased on Ebay, I just had to have.  Still deeper was a small audio mixer that at the time was too good of deal pass up.

Note that I said I found all this in boxes hidden away. a waste really!  So today I pieced it all together, and it all works.  Now it’s possible to record at my desk…..what to do with it?   How about starting another project….like podcasting!  Why not!?!?!  Yes Why Not!  I’ve posted audio on the website before, but that was when I worked in radio and had a ‘something’ to say. Today, Sitting here at my desk….what is there to say that would be of interest to anyone?  A sure bet would be….Not Much, but let’s do it anyway!

So check back occassionally, to see if I really follow through on this or if all this audio equipment just ends up being more clutter on my desk!

thanks for checking up on me!


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