Weatherstone Automation

I have worked in radio close to twenty years. So When it came to picking the software to run the play list, I knew it could not be just some simple media player.  It had to be something similar to what I use when I’m at the station. For quite some time I used ZaraStudio. It’s cheap, lightweight, with numerous automation programming options, including giving the time and temp.  However, I have grown bored with “all things windows” and decided to find a Linux operating system alternative!

Rivendell Automation Software

Along Came Rivendell Radio Automation!  This is The Real Deal! I am so impressed with this open source software, that with my suggestion it is now the software of choice for 101.3 FM “The Grenade” and soon to be used for programming on “The Farm” KMZU.  As of 12/04/11, The Weatherstone Neighbor hood Network is now back streaming on the net using this system.  I must admit I am spending way to much of my “free time” tweeking this system to play our music the way I want to hear it, but Dawg-gone-it…It’s what I do!






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