Apt #9 Radio

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Apartment #9 Studio

Apartment #9 is ‘On The Air’ and streaming Online! Listen Locally at 88.3 FM and online here

if Listening online, the site is sometimes password protected. If prompted just enter sfp1981 and enjoy!

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named after a Tammy Wynette song. Apartment Number 9 was Her first single, released in December 1966. The song just missed the top 40 on the Country charts, peaking at number 44. The song has has had an impact on our lives, so much so, That we now consider our home to be Apt #9. Don’t Let the country song title fool you. We enjoy all genres. With That being said…..Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the sounds coming from the backroom of a little shack just down the street from you. Welcome to Apartment Number Nine.

Programming Schedule:

Midnight: The Whistler (Mon-Sun)

12:30am: Dragnet (Mon-Sun)

1:00am: Radio Mystery Theater (Mon-Sun)

2:00am Burns and Allen (Mon-Fri)

2:00am Life of Riley (Sat-Sun)

2:30am: X Minus One (Mon-Fri)

2:30am Green Hornet/Sherlock Homes (Sat-Sun)

3:00am: Our Miss Brooks (Mon-Fri)

4:00am Lux Radio Theatre (Mon-Sun)

5:00am: The Great Gildersleeve (Mon-Fri)

5:30am: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (Mon-Fri)

6:00am: Duffy’s Tavern (Sat-Sun)

6:30am Adventures of Sam Spade (Sat-Sun)

7:20am Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Noon: Hour long News (Mon-Fri)

9:00pm Memory Lane (Sat 3 hours)

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