scott-podcastFebruary 10, 2014:      The Introduction of the Podcast!

In recent years I’ve been told that I rarely have anything worthwhile to say.  So to prove that point I have dug through the boxes in the garage, found a microphone, my old AKG K240 headphones and a small Behringer Eurorack UB502 Mixer.

Now there is a ‘Less Than Impressive’ recording facility at the desk in the Basement.  From Time to Time when the urge hits, I’ll be posting audio on topics of interest from the news and from my day-to-day existence. For now the podcast can be found in The Blog section.  Humor me and check back often to give them a listen!

Scott, Shariden & Shelby 2005

Scott, Shariden & Shelby 2005

 The Grand Opening of  ‘The Audio Vault’

The Audio Vault currently features Air-Checks from Radio Stations I have worked for including most recently KMZU-FM Carrollton, Mo. Also long since gone stations WYNG-FM & WROZ-AM both of Evansville, Indiana.   The search for tapes from WFMW-AM of Madisonville, KY and from my days at the college owned WUEV-FM of Evansville, Indiana still elude me.  Air-Checks date back to 1985 .


Scott Powell Winter 2014

Winter Hiking in Jackson County, Missouri 2014

Often Times….It’s The Trail less traveled

Thanks to a  ‘second read’ of Wild at Heart by John Eldredge comes a rediscovery of a Lost passion.  A love of hiking/backpacking.  Many years ago I completed 75 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  Shortly After that adventure, I allowed  life’s many distractions to draw me out & away from the woods.  Today, I return to the trail with a new appreciation of all God has placed  on this earth for us to enjoy!

I have regularly kept notes about my jaunts through the timber on Twitter.   Now comes the time to ‘journal’ more of the hiking experience and of the many places ‘the trail’ takes me.

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