Chance for a New Start!

December 17th, 2013 started like many other days….Exhausted before the day even started!  Sitting in my company truck, just off the phone from the morning conference call,  Already feeling the pressure of deadlines.  The ticket load showing on my laptop increasing by leaps and bounds with each refresh.  Company cell ringing non-stop with notifications of additional unplanned workload.

The ‘Hopeless, Helpless, Unprepared to take on the World alone feeling’ I had been struggling with became too much….Broken, I made the call.  That day would be my last.

The next day, I started a new job…..That of finding employment.  I am still holding down that position as I type this.

With a daily routine in place, I work at…..well, finding work.  The search consumes a vast majority of my day.  However, I am also able to take ‘long breaks’ during the day to also do things I find of interest, like refreshing my brain on mysql databases, linux, ssh, Rivendell Radio Automation software and a whole laundry list of computer based topics.

It also dawned on me that I have several websites (this site being one of them) that have been ignored for way too long, so I am adding the maintenance of those sites to my ‘work day’ to-do list.

Alrighty then, break over! back to the Search!

Thanks for checking up on me!

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