Something Else I Just Had To Try!

Twitter, it’s been around for a while, but it has just been recently that I have started exploring it.  Like everything else there is some very interesting groups/people to follow.  But just like the rest of the internet, there is also a lot of “muck” to bog down your surfing.

In my attempt to clog up the information highway, I am not only looking at “tweets” but now contributing as well.  “Contributing”…..WoW that makes it sound like I have something of significance to release to the world!  Well, I don’t!  The truth is I just had to try it, since it was there and free.  (I’m all about Free)

Actually, I have found it is an easy way to update the website sidebar with new material just by sending a text message.  That will be my main use of it for now.  Sorry, I will not be spending a lot of my time solving the worlds problems, let alone my own!

The nice thing is if you don’t have a twitter account and don’t plan to get one, you can still see what I’m posting right here on with the live twitter box on the right side of the page or on occasion clicking the link below!

Follow scooterpow on Twitter

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