Weekend of Being Thankful for all I have

Lunch @ Stone Hill Winery

Scott & Krista Enjoying a Glass or two @ Stone Hill Winery (August 2009)

It’s Hard to believe, But this Weekend Marks the One Year Anniversary of Our Wedding.  We actually started the Celebration last weekend by treating ourselves to an evening comedy with Red Green (PBS Fame) at the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City.  Not sure exactly what the weekend holds in store for us, Hopefully a nice dinner out and Wedding cake later….mmmm, cake!  It’s been an interesting year, given our living arrangements ( I spend a lot of the week staying in Carrollton because of the long drive, expense, kids and work)  but somehow it has worked.  I so look forward to the Next Year together, got a feeling things are going to be evan better for the two of us.

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