TBT Throw Back Thursday…..Back in My Kentucky Radio Days

from February 1986 to October 1989, I worked for 730 WFMW-AM in Madisonville, Kentucky.
Thanks to Facebook, pics from the past often land up in your Browser from Long Ago…
like this one

Scott Powell, Dewayne Brown & Danny Koeber

Scott Powell, Dewayne Brown & Danny Koeber

I sometimes forget what I looked like with a full head of hair, Beard and none of it Gray!

These two guys were great to work with.  Just off the top of my head what I remember most is Dewayne did one of the best ‘little old lady’ character voices I have ever heard.  He could have made a career out of doing that one voice.

Danny Koeber, took a chance on me and is responsible for hiring me for my first Full-Time Gig in Radio.  Thanks Again DK!

It’s been many years since I have had a chance to actually sit down and talk with these guys, but thanks to Social Media and a ‘Throw Back Thursday’ Posting.  I have had a chance to relive many good times from my time in Kentucky.

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