The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

No podcast today.

I have yet to see The New Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, However I am keeping up with the videos they are posting of the show.

The clip of Brian Williams doing ‘Rappers Delight’ (the 1979 hit By the Sugar Hill Gang) is poised to be a You Tube Classic!

That clip has brightened up this dreary day in Western Missouri for me. Hope it does for you as well!

On the Schedule today, finish up reviewing ‘opportunities’ then later catch the final basketball game of the year for my youngest daughter, Shariden.  Might Mention It’s a big day for her.  She got her braces off.  So I am anxious to see her new smile in person!

Great Smile!

The Braces are off!

Thanks for checking up on me

scott powell

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