Is That What I Think It Is? Podcast #007

Pay Phone

Found it just blocks from the house

While out and about, I noticed this strange contraption at a nearby gas station.  I have parked next to it many times over the years, but never really noticed it.  A payphone! It just struck me as odd that there are still some around.

Now I have no idea if it still works. I couldn’t try it even if I wanted to!  Mainly because I don’t carry any cash on me, which in turn means I have no pocket change.

So there it stands, overlooked by many everyday.  Have to wonder if my kids would even know what it was, let alone know how to use it IF they ever had to!


Today we talk about WindowsXP, Psychopaths in the workplace, the Olympic medal count and more Trivia

Podcast #007

Thanks for Checking Up on Me!

scott powell

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