Hiking Kansas City ‘The Book’

Hiking Kansas City

Hiking Kansas City

Winter will soon be over. I do manage to get in some walking and hiking during the cold months, it’s just not as much as I would like. During the down time, I daydream of the next opportunity to hit the trail.

That is what I’m doing today….Day Dreaming! When I’m thinking about my next hike I reach for the book ‘Hiking Kansas City’ by William B. Eddy & Richard O. Ballentine. A guide to 125 walking and hiking trails located around the Kansas City Metro.

In a nut shell, Hiking kansas city is a great resource for finding a paved walking trail in a city park, to the ‘overlooked’ natural terrain trails within the city limits and beyond.

Hiking Kansas City, Helps get you to the trail head, where to park, and what to expect on your hike. in Most cases, there are very simple crude maps of trails provided.

Over the years trails change, even trail heads are re-located. Sometimes I have trouble with the directions provided. So I make finding the trail itself part of the adventure!
My Review on Amazon

Have lived around the Kansas City area for close to twenty years, been walking and hiking only the trails i knew close to home…until I discovered this book! So many places to walk I never knew or thought about. I pick this book up several times a week to plan my next outing. If you are new to the area, or have lived in the KCMO area all your life, I think you will discover some great places to get out and enjoy!

Happy Hiking!
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