Why put forth the effort?

I Have not ever felt the need to spend a lot of time discussing the the tragedy surrounding the current oil spill crisis in the gulf.  No need too….It’s terrible what has happened, we all know that.  Now all I want is for the Oil Company to do something!  That something being, fix it..clean it up..leave it nicer than you found it, no matter the cost.  I must keep telling myself that is exactly what the corporate people are trying to do, the best they can.  It’s called faith.

Then this side by side picture comparison is revealed

The top is a picture that is said to have appeared on the company website showing all the different camera angles being viewed at the command center.  Pretty Impressive…..I Guess!?!

It has been discovered that the top photo was actually enhanced from the bottom picture to make it seem like there is so much more to “watch” than there really is.  See the difference?  Why spend the time time on doctoring a pic to include three more camera shots, that don’t exist to make us feel re-assured you are doing all you can to monitor the situation.  I think it would be more interesting to have the family guy on the top blank screen, ABC News on the bottom left and the Andy Griffith Show on the other.  At least I would know that the employees of this company also need a break from the tedious work they are responsible for!

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