Wednesday Afternoon Outing

What a great day to take in some short trails at Burr Oak Conservation Area! It was a hot afternoon, temp near 96, but the humidity was very low.  I started with the Habitat Trail. The trail was totally different than what I thought it was going to be. I thought it would be just a nice short little trail with trail side markers explaining different plants and such. Come to find out, it was that and so much more! It was a nice easy graveled walking trail with some occasional incline.  Among the many squirrels  in the timber I came across two Turkeys.  The hens were just off the trail, one to the left of me, the other to the right of the trail.  I spent a good ten minutes watching as the one tried to get past me and join the other.  I tried my best to get a picture of at least one of them, but turkeys are notorious for making it difficult to get off  a good shot with a gun, and now I realize also a good shot with a camera!

After finishing up the Habitat Trail Loop, I jumped back in the car and headed to the other end of the conservation area.  There I started the Bethany Falls Trail.  This is my Favorite trail in the park!  The rock formations are a very nice change of scenery.  I took a long break and sat at the top of one and just took in the sun, the heat and the breeze.  In the not so far distance you can hear the sounds of cars on Pink Hill Road going by.  I just kept thinking how close they were…..but how far removed I felt just sitting on that rock!

I was only in the timber about three hours, but it sure did the body & soul some good!

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