What Happened to Chasity?

Every Day I receive several emails or phone calls from Listeners wondering what has happened to Chasity Anderson.  So I thought I would take a moment to catch you all up.

After a lot of thought, Chasity made a decision to move on and explore other career options outside the confines of “The Farm” KMZU.  It was a tough decision, but one that was fully supported by her family.  She is currently getting things caught up around the family farm, and is waiting for the right opportunity to come her way!

screenshot from KMZU's Morning Page

screenshot from KMZU’s Morning Page

The past ten years have been a great ride for me, having had the privilege of working with such a wonderful young lady, and dear friend as Chasity.  Over the years we have fought, cried, let each other in on what was happening in our lives away from the workplace and the Best part Have had a lot of laughs together!  Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find such a friend.  I’m lucky I didn’t have to wait that long!


Morning Trivia: This is the most profitable type of food sold today in the United States.  What is it?  (Dog Food)

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