Veterans Day & A Story on My Dad, Fred Powell

Fred Powell

With Veterans Day upon us. I thought I would pass along a quick story on my Dad, Fred Powell.  It’s a story I had heard before from him, but never knew if it was really true.  When Dad passed away in July, 2009 I had the chance to visit with many people that knew my father from all different times of his life.  One happened to be his Commanding Officer from the National Guard.  After Introducing himself, w/o missing a beat he went into this story on “Freddie”

Freddie was always a “wise crack” and fun to be around, and always had a grin on his face. At the end of one day Freddie came into the office and said, Sir how much do you think a man would have to pay for one these rifles we use?  The C.O. told him a couple hundred bucks would probably cover it. Dad just smiled and said thanks, and walked out.  The Commanding Officer followed him and asked why in the world would you want to know how much one of these guns would cost?

Fred Powell

I Love Dads Smile

Well, I have spent so much time taking this one apart, cleaning it and putting it back together that I thought I would get me one when I returned home.  I’m going to have a really nice garden in the backyard and put or”plant” that rifle standing straight up, right in the middle of it. The C.O. asked dad, why in the world would you spend good money on a rifle, then just stick it in the ground in the middle of a Garden?  Dad just smiled and said…”Just to Watch it rust, Sir”

Here’s to Each and Everyone of you who have served our country & to your stories!


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